Monday, June 4, 2012


Braden thinks Davis, CA is a pretty cool place. That is where Uncle Chad was living for the past 8 months. We had only been to visit him there one time, and we only stayed for lunch. So before Chad moved back to Utah for the summer, we all spent an afternoon just hanging around town. It was really awesome. I am actually excited for him to come back and start school again. He won't be living in Davis anymore, but we did a few really fun things while we were there. We walked around the Arboretum on campus for an hour or so, it was smoking hot outside, and Traegan was hungry, needed a change, and a nap, otherwise we could have spent hours just traveling the pathways there. We also went to the "monkey park" as Braden so named it. It was pretty cool, except Traegan was hungry while we were there and there wasn't anywhere to sit so I was looking forward to leaving for the most part. Chad told us he and some friends played tag on this big spiderweb thing there and that it was really fun. Maybe this summer for our reunion we can drive 6 hours both ways to try it out? We also stopped and played at a park with the most insane unsupervised cement slide I have ever seen. It was about 8 feet across and maybe 30 feet long and fast as heck. We had a blast there. I wonder how many people have gotten hurt on that bad boy. I don't know why I didn't think to take a shot of the entire slide.

I tried to get Braden to go down holding my hand on his own cardboard, and I picked the fastest piece there was because I went flying down and couldn't even pull him along.
 Chad is a great sport for Braden. This was an episode of their adventures together looking for sharks in my parents house.
 Braden and Traegan are pretty lucky boys to have these uncles and aunts who all adore them almost as much as their Mommy and Daddy do.

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