Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bappy Hirthday

We can hardly believe our baby is not a baby anymore. He is two!! What the!! And man can we tell. He is so delightful though. We are sure loving watching him grown and develop as his kittle personality is exposed more and more every day. We celebrated his birthday in style and inside. It was pouring rain for several weeks in May and June, and what a bummer it was for a supposed pool party. But it kept things simple for us and we just ended up having family over for pizza and homemade ice cream. We took Braden to donuts for breakfast, watched Kung Fu Panda and ate popcorn, all took naps, and then enjoyed pizza!! What a relaxing day! Love our little man!!
Braden and Grandma

Blowing out his candle, he loves blowing out candles, so he was excited that it was all for him!

The party planning commitee


Lindsey said...

Quit growing Braden! He looks so much older and as cute as ever.

David and Deena said...

sorry we missed such a fun party. Hope you are planning another extravaganza when we visit.