Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Braden is a boy through and through and love police men and firetrucks. Although recently he stopped saying fire truck and it turned into firework truck. Too funny. Anyway, the local police and fire departments put on this safety fair and we decided to brave having 3 toddlers, and took the kiddos to get in on the action.

Bradens first ever time sitting on a "real" motorcycle. Dads scooter, the bumble bee as Devins coworkers call it doesn't exactly count, although Braden can't yet tell the difference.
In heaven with a fireman hat and sitting up high in the fire truck
The best picture we could get of these three kiddos, Sofia(2.5), Joaquin(3.5), and Braden(2)
I started watching Sofia and Joaquin a few months ago and love these two little angels to death, although having the two of them plus my little rascal is a lot like having triplets and can be a lot of work at times. But mostly they are so kind to each other and are a lot of fun!!



Brittney said...

Hooray for blogs! I'll add you to my feed. My blogs are:


See you soon!


Jamie said...

Cute blog Ashley!

Chelise said...

I just caught up with you bloggity blog and it makes ME MISS YOU to the max! You guys are so much fun and I am totally homesick for you. Can't wait for more adventures since we are gonna be TOGETHER FOREVES.

The Higginbothams said...

Ah, Brady had a great time at that fair a couple years ago. I was hot and pregnant, but he enjoyed it.