Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Six Flags

In June we went with my Mom, sisters, and brother to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom about an hour and a half away. My family got season passes and can get us in for free a few times. Sweet deal for us. Braden had a great time riding the few rides he was tall enough for and especially seeing the animals. The zoo in Sacramento is pretty lame and although we have been there a few times, I don't think Braden had ever seen elephants, lions, or tigers in real life, let alone dolphins, seals, whales, walrus, penguins, etc. etc. He had a really great time and surprisingly did well all day even without a nap and didn't even fall asleep on the way home. Can't wait to take him again later this summer.

Braden is really into real trains, since we live about 200ft from the train track, so he was thrilled to actually be able to ride in one, and kept saying "All aboard!" which he learned from an amazing segment on the Disney Channel called "Choo Choo Soul"
He is really into it being "Bradens turn" so he was excited to do all the rides he could by himself!
Braden was in love with all the animals. We had a fun time going to all of the shows and sitting in the shade to watch.
Dont ask why I let him touch a snake. Now that I look at the pictures, I think it is disgusting, but he is a boy right?

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