Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goose Pond

Braden watching not to closesly as Emily tries to catch a crawdad
If we ever live on a large property I would love to have a pond with geese. I don't
know why, but I absolutely love geese. I think they are beautiful and so amazing to watch.
Braden and Joaquin were both a little apprehensive about feeding the geese,
but with my help, they both warmed up to the idea and had a lot of fun.

My mom had been wanting to find a local duck pond since the beginning of the summer, and she somehow discovered this gigantic regional park and pond in Auburn, about a half hour from us. We took a picnic, and some bread and headed up one Saturday afternoon. We couldn't believe how big the park was, and how many geese and ducks there were. We quickly realized that we didn't bring nearly enough bread because as we began to throw out our bread, more and more geese came flying in. It was crazy!! They were hungry and excited and a little too brave at times, but we had such a blast at the park and enjoyed perfect weather in the 80's. If you are a local, with kiddos, check out Auburn Regional Park on Richardson Dr. It was so much fun. And don't forget to bring LOTS of bread!!

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