Friday, November 12, 2010

Little Swimmer

I put Braden in swimming lessons over the summer. He was frieking me out by diving head first into the water so I decided he needed to learn to swim. It took 2 twenty minute private lessons and now he can swim like a champ. (with floaties) Next summer the floaties are gone and he will be doing it on his own. This summer he was only kicking hard enough to propel himself forward, not to get his head out of the water so the floaties were perfect! We had a fun summer full of pool time every day.


Chelise said...

We loved spending time with you in the water this summer and I VOUCH this is true! Braden is a little swimming fish! No fear.

Whit and Steve said...

I can't wait to get jack in lessons!! I really wanted to do it this past summer, but it was a little crazy.