Friday, November 5, 2010

It Starts!

Yup! We have a toddler. I am learning slowly, and surely how to deal with the new Braden,but its tough man. Braden was such an easy baby. When I say easy, I mean it. He slept through the night from about 3 weeks on, he has never had any trouble eating, obviously, he has been super healthy, I think he has been sick like twice, and has been so delightful. But those days our gone. I have a toddler in my home. He is still delightful. I love spending my days with him. He makes me laugh all day long and is the cutest little guy ever. He is the best and I love having a boy if it means having a little one who does popcorn popping, who sings to me while I change his diaper, who will break out dancing when any beat catches his ear, including at church, who calls himself Baby, who gives the best hugs, who has begun to laugh at himself, who finds any phone and puts it to his ear and says hi, who has the cutest little voice ever, who has turned our world upside down and we wouldnt have it any other way. We love our Braden!!

At 14 months he figured out how to climb onto the kitchen barstool. I was mortified!!

But imagine my horror upon finding "this" inside my toilet. Yeah scary!! This happened in a 2 minute period where I was changing the diaper of the boy whose feet are pictured in the corner.


Aaron & Michelle said...

oh my gosh!!!! Hilarious. These are the times that you take pictures and laugh a lot. It is true when people say that they grow up so fast so enjoy every minute with them. I love the song "Let them be little" Love you Braden. Glad you belong to the Christensen Clan.

Sadie Lynn said...

Loved this. The thing is they change every week and I can't keep up. I almost died when I saw him standing in your toilet. that is hilarious. AMAZING job at running a half. Seriously. AMAZING!!!

David and Deena said...

I actually never had that experience with 8 children. I can tell you OTHER experiences, but not that one! Good job!

--Heather-- said...

Ohhh, SO FUN!! Gotta love those boys!! They have the best imagination!