Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas. It was so fun being here at my parents house already and just being able to wake up and all be together. My brother Trent woke us all up at 7:15 when he called from his mission in Houston Texas, so we had to go wake Braden up in order to get Christmas started, since he had already gone back down for his morning nap. We had a huge surprise for my mom, and it couldnt have gone better. We had zero surprises for each other, but were both thrilled with what we got. :) Braden got a billion presents, and of course enjoyed the ribbons and wrappings the most. We felt the spirit of our Savior and enjoyed this Christmas season.
The Annual Christmas Jammie pic.This yea,r ALL BYU ALL THE TIME

Who needs toys when you can eat the box instead?

Oh never mind my presents because I can play with this ribbon.

Braden gripping his new BYU football in his sweet jammies made by Grammy.


Rachelle said...

LOVE the jammies!! Missing you tons!

Laura said...

Love the PJs, but love that family even more! Get up from the computer RIGHT NOW and go and hug your mom and dad from me! Then go around and kiss everyone of your siblings and that husband and baby on the head for me! Love you guys! Putting a little surprise in the mail today! Love you, Laura

Chelsy said...

those are some sweet BYU shirts...where did they come from?! :o)

Sad I didn't see you while I was there over Thanksgiving, but I'll let you know when I'm there again!

David and Deena said...

The top picture is my favorite. What a guy. The PJ's are wonderful. What a fun, fun, fun day together.

Sarah Newsom said...

so glad you updated your blog. your little man is the cutest thing! miss you guys.

Karlena said...

Great PJ's and wonderful little family. Braden still looks like a cherub.