Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mewwy Chwismas

Our good friends invited us to their annual Christmas party. We were of course honored, and Devin was especially thrilled when he learned that we would have to dress up. We took a trip to DI where Devin found a lovely red womens blazer with matching cumber bun. He looked stunning. As for me, I hot glued about 40 poinsettias onto the front of my shirt. Also stunning. We had a great time and loved laughing at the hilarious things people had showed up wearing. Thanks Dave and Ashley!

The always lovely Janell and I posing in our Holiday garb....mind you her shoes have christmas trees on them and she is wearing parachute pants and if her jacket is pulled down it looks as though she is wearing a one piece suit. FABULOUS!!

From the left: The Henries, The Christensens, The Jones'


David and Deena said...

Devin's kind of party! Yes, stunning!

Luci said...

Ha! I'd forgotten about that picture. Lovely. :)