Saturday, October 10, 2009

To My Peops

Braden with Gram and Gramp C in Antigua Guatemala. So CUTE!!

I realize I am mega behind on my blogging. It bugs me more than it bugs you. TRUST ME!! I know Devin went on a sweet backpacking trip. I know I went to Utah, said goodbye to my little sister who magically is in college. I know Braden met his fairy Godmother, McCall. I know I took a crazy exotic vacation and havent said a word about it. I know my baby is 4 months old and nobody knows how much he weighs except me and Dr. Delmar. I know we are living with my parents and more than half of you didnt even know that. I know the search is on to find ourselves a humble, but perfect home for our now growing family (and when I say growing, I dont mean that I am pregnant, I simply mean that now that we have one kid in our Caboodle, there are bound to be more hiding up in heaven waiting for Braden to grow up so I will beg Heavenly Father for another rambunctious baby to be sent my way). I know I thought I was going to die when I was sick, Braden was sick and Devin was sick. It wasnt pretty. Believe me. I know Braden is sporting his first two teeth in his itty bitty mouth. And I certainly know that.... well thats about all I know at this point. Basically, I am trying to tell myself that I have to get caught up. If not for you, then for me. I feel like my blogging talents have been lost somewhere between here and Guatemala. Maybe they were stolen on the metro in Mexico City?! Anyway, thats an entirely different post. For now this will have to do because everytime the boy sleeps, I have to take advantage of the nap for me. My tired and sick little head need it. So be patient little ones. The time will come when all of your curiositys regarding the comings and goings in our life will be answered. And in the meantime, pray pray pray that we will get this house we put an offer on. And especially pray if you want us to stay in the ward because we want to stay, but you have to want us to stay too! XOXO.


Ashley said...

It just depends on what ward boundaries the house is in ;)

Just kidding of course I'll pray for you!

David and Deena said...

Actually it doesn't depend on any of that. It depends on where Heavenly Father wants you...but we are praying for the best for you!

Crystal said...

I hope you guys get the house you're looking at! So exciting!!