Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Pre-Haircut: Check out how long this guys hair was!!
Braden is officially a kid. I cant deny it anymore. He has lept beyond the newborn days and is now a full fledged child. I can hardly consider him a baby amidst all these gigantic milestones and tricks that he has so fittingly decided to bust out all at the same time so that I can have an emotional crisis in regards to why he has to grow so dang fast. I took him to his four month check-up yesterday and couldnt help but love him when his response to his first shot was a mere look that said "Hey lady that hurt. What the heck is your problem." And yeah he does have that What the heck is your problem look. It wasnt until the second shot that he cried. So brave. So three weeks ago, Braden weighed 15.7lbs and was 26in long. I wasnt the lease bit surprised but yesterday, I was shocked to hear how much he had grown in that time. 16.8lbs, 27in. What the heck. He is now in the 60% for weight and 90% for height. When will this kid slow down. I am counting on the words of the doc telling me that his growth will slow down as his activity level increases and his food intake stays the same. I cant handle him growing the way he does. Not to mention that he doesnt fit into any of his clothes for more than a week. And all these milestones. I cant even keep up in his journal because too much is going on. First it was his first laugh, then his budding teeth. On Sunday he had his first real roll over onto his belly, Monday his first haircut, which made me cry by the way, then Tuesday he rolled from his back to his tummy to his back to his tummy over and over to the wall. What the heck. Cant we take it slow kid? Wait who am I kidding. This is Braden I am talking about. He isnt interested in the slow lane. So goodbye sweet baby. Hello wild child. I love him to pieces, but really have a hard time dealing with how much he changes and grows up every day.

The coveted mullet; long in the back, short in the front.
He was lucky enough even to be blond on top,
and brown on bottom. Oh YEAH!!
Daddy showing Boo how fun clippers are.

And somehow, he did think it was fun.
I was ready for kicking and screaming,
but this was what we got.
Typical Braden. Love this kid.


David and Deena said...

Love it. He's quite handsome with his new missionary do.

Jessica said...

Oh he is C U T E!!!!

The Wadman's said...

I'm really going to miss his two tone mullet...

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

ahhh! look at that hair!! So cute!

Jeff and Eliza said...

That hair is so intense! Maybe I'll shave Rozzi's mullet so she doesn't look like Homer Simpson!

Karlena said...

Braden seems like such a happy boy! Looks like you are having so much fun.