Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Current Obsession

It all began a few weeks ago at Activity Days. We sewed these darling headbands for the girls and talked about what a great talent sewing can be. It got me thinking of all of the fabric I have sitting around just waiting to be used. I realized that sewing is just another one of those things that I know how to do, but I am not great at. I love sewing, I love creating projects, and have recently come up with some pretty big ideas that may or may not turn out fabulously. I have just had the sewing machine sitting out, just ready for my hours of daily sewing. I made a new blanket for Boo with this adorable cowboy fabric, finally started on his Peter Pan halloween costume, which I wish I had a pattern for because the shoes alone took me 3 hours and 5 tries. It was lame, but I am really happy with how they turned out and I cannot wait to see him in his cute little outfit. So basically all this blog post is saying is that I am obsessed with sewing right now. I spend way too much time at the fabric store, and countless hours searching sewing and fabric blogs. Obsessed much?
Bradens 4 Month Milestones and his Wild Life


Jeff and Eliza said...

Do you know about fabricworm.com? If not, check it out. Cute stuff!

Crystal said...

I had a roommate that could sew and she made the cutest comforters for her bed and all kinds of cute holiday decorations. I want to learn how to sew when we have kids. :)

The Wadman's said...

I currently have about 3928209853 sewing projects in the works. I just need more time to get everything done before Garrett gets here. (And fabricworm.com is great I just ordered some stuff from them)