Monday, October 12, 2009

Apples to Apples

We have decided that instead of sitting around on our Saturdays, we would like to take little Saturday field trips. We began at Apple Hill. Devin and Braden have never been and it is such a part of Autumn in Sacramento, that I didn't want them to miss it. We had such a fabulous time enjoying the beautiful weather and the amazing scenery of Placerville. As always, Braden was a gem, minus the drive home, and he loved being outside and amidst the greenery.

We found out that Braden loves grass as much as Dev does!
Braden hardly wanted to look at us. He was so fascinated by all of the GREEN!!

Since Braden has teeth, he has started to gnaw on everything.
We gave him his first taste of an apple and he loved it. He cried when it was all gone.

The fishing pond


David and Deena said...

OH fun to know that we talked before you went there...and such a beautiful field trip. Now he knows GREEN.

Jenny said...

oh Ashley , this is too adorable!! it looks like you went last saturday when the weather was perfect for Apple Hill adventure :)

Karlena said...

What a fun outing! How nice to be able to get out and enjoy nature. Braden is so cute. Keep those pictures coming.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...