Monday, July 27, 2009


What am I thinking? Really?! Its 12:45 and I told myself that I would go to bed 75 minutes ago, but here I am sucked into the blogging world and starring at the goings on of those I love most. The boys are asleep and I am enjoying the peace. Plus if we had a video camera I would record Devin in his sleep. He is a wild sleeper. I am honestly surprised that I sleep right through his shenanigans. In fact the other night I found him sleeping sitting up in bed. I did not disturb him and when I asked him why he had been sleeping like that, he had no clue. He is such a deep sleeper, rumor has it he sleep walks. Glad I haven't seen it. It would freak me out. Anyway, I am going to tuck in. Just wanted to get that out. Also, I just got my passport in the mail and just want you all to know that now the world is mine. YAHOO! I can go anywhere I want now! Guate we are well on our way! But even before that big family outing, we get to have seperate vacations which will be fabulous!! Cant wait!


Alicia said...

haaa! i did the same thing last night....probably because i was awake emailing you!!!

Mindi said...

Hey Ash! That's really funny...Don does some interesting things too. Last night he woke up to try to save me from falling off the bed a couple of times even though I was falling off. Strange. Anyway, in response to your question about Corinne, it's pronounced "ker-in". Isn't motherhood great? A ton of work, but worth it! Well, I hope you're doing well. Miss you!

Mindi said...

ps- I meant that I wasn't really falling of the bed