Tuesday, July 28, 2009


On July 1 I was itching to take a trip for the weekend. I looked at flights to every destination that I had in mind, only to discover that I wasn't about to spend $700+ to get the three of us anywhere that wasn't Hawaii, Europe, or some other place fancy so my hopes where dashed. Luckily Devin is a spontaneous and insane husband. He called me honestly at 12:00 on Thursday and said "Lets drive to Seattle. its a 13 hour drive. I will be ready to go at 3:00. You get us packed, and go get the oil changed, then come get me." Yeah talk about insane. Mind you we have a 4wk old baby at this point. But I was craving a vacation so I said lets do it. I was in a frenzy trying to get everything done, and forgot a few things, which apparently were critical in the eyes of others, but we made it to Everett, WA at 5:30am on Friday morning to surprise Devins sister Chalonn and her two kids, Mckay and London. It was the best. Chalonn called when we were on our way and we totally thought she knew exactly what was going on based upon the questions she was asking, but truly she had no idea. It was such a great surprise when we showed up in Chalonns bedroom when she was half asleep. We got to spend 4 days in Everett and had the time of our lives with the Redds during the hottest weekend of the year in Seattle! Thanks for letting us come play guys!

FRI: drove about 20 minutes to downtown Seattle; saw the space needle; played at this ginormous UFO splashpark; went to Pikes market; saw the man of my dreams; enjoyed the much needed vacation time

SAT: took a ferry across the bay to Kingston, where Hebers parents live to see the parade the kids and Heber got to be in; enjoyed a small craft fair and the included garb; celebrated Bradens 1mo birthday; watched the most amazing at home fireworks show I have ever seen thanks to Devin and Heber and their ability to burn money, but it was 100% worth it; (It was comparible to any small town fireworks show right on the street. So amazing! Somehow, Braden slept through the whole thing, which lasted about 3 hrs!)

Notice the patriotic clothing choices?! Love the shirt Heeb! (It is from last years Hawaiian theme at the parade, or so he says!)

SUN: enjoyed 1pm church; a delish bbq; coloring; family time; a walk to the basketball park while the girls talked and the boys putted around on the grass

MON: took a trip to the Seattle temple; a visit to the mall; enjoyed one last day with each other; had some yummy food; packed up and got ready to leave the next morning.

July 7: While we were in Seattle, there was a hint of a smile on Bradens face, and the first day we were back, his cute little smile showed itself. He has a little dimple, so it makes his gummy smile even more adorable! Braden smiles the day away and just gets us even more wrapped around his long little finger!

This month it has been extremely hot so we have taken several trips to the pool with Braden in tow. He has really enjoyed being in the water and sometimes gets so relaxed I think he is about ready to fall asleep. Next summer he will definitely be a little water baby!!


Chelsy said...

I LOVE Heber and Chalonn! Make sure to tell them 'hi' for me next time you talk to them. Your trip looked like a blast! We can't wait to see you guys. :o)

David&Deena said...

I was a offended and worried for a minute when I read you saw the man of your dreams. Oh the trip to Seattle looks like so much perfect fun...and Braden gets cuter every day! Aren't you in love with two boys now!!!!