Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alright Y'all

This has been quite the summer, and its basically over. I remember when I was a kid summer seemed to last forever, but somehow, when you are older, it just flys by. Not that summer is much different from spring or fall here considering that there are no breaks from school or work for us. But summer is more of a feeling now and I can feel it drifting away. So much has happened this summer that I want to document so take a peek and see what our family has enjoyed!!


The Wadman's said...

I just realized the other day that summer is almost over and I wanted to cry... I still have so much to do before September!

Jeff and Eliza said...

Thanks for the update finally! The man of your dreams is hot! And I love that Devin sleeps sitting up! What a weirdo!

Alicia said...

wait a minute! there's no pictures of us on here! :) glad you're having such a fabulous summer!