Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pizza Party

So we promised our primary class at the beginning of the year that we would have a pizza party if they brought their scriptures for 12 weeks in a row. Well about 15 weeks later, we pulled out the guns and had a fun party at a nearby park. Things got a little out of control when every kid (about 25 of them) at the park wanted to play "kick the can" and "ghost in the graveyard" with our class. Not to mention that I thought Devin was going to bust a screw in his toe the way he was running around. It was so funny and all the parents who were there with their kids were just loving it. I couldnt stop laughing especially when Devin got overwhelmed with the amount of kiddies involved. It was great! Next time we are having a swim party and only our class will be invited. We have to keep things under control!

The six kids in front are in our class and the others are just random park kids. Gotta love it!


Kylie said...

i love pizza and so does megan.

Tay and Jenn said...

so funny! we did the same thing for our primary class...they had a bean jar and whenever they brought and attended we added to it! and had a pizza and movie night at our house!! cool minds think alike! hehe