Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do you Have a Cape?

What the? Do I have a cape? No. My little sister Emily had super hero day at school. She is a fan favorite over at her school so of course she couldnt let anyone down and had to dress up. Since there was no cape to be found, I decided to make her one. I have a bin full of fabric, ribbon, and other crafting supplies and it just worked out! I can't believe it worked out so well, and I really wish she could have worn what I wanted her to, but oh well. My mom said she loved the cape and that she looked so cute. She became "SURFER GIRL"! Naturally. Of course she is the best surfer in the family. So who else would she be. Hopefully she will sport it next time we go surfing. Who knows what her super powers are, but at least she is the cutest super hero on the block. And I learned that I can whip out a cape in under and hour with my scrap fabric! Love this girl.

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Brooke said...

That is so fun! I made a cape for my little brother about 4 years ago...but since I don't know how to sew I hot glued everything!! HaHa. Pathetic I know!