Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Boys

In September we bid farewell to the beloved Bumblebee to make way for a new to us car that will be arriving after Thanksgiving. Yes its true. After 4 years of sharing our trusty '98 Accord we are taking the plunge and getting a second car. Hallelujah. Having one car is tough man!! After a month and a half Braden still asks every day when Devin leaves for work "Wheres your motorcycle Dad?"
Braden is into "dress ups" of sorts lately. There are always shoes all over my house. How he even manages to walk in Devins size 14's I have no idea. Somehow he does it though, and always declares as he is tromping down the hall that he is "going to work."
This summer we got Braden some sunglasses because he was complaining about it being "hot" in his eyes. For some reason he prefers them upside down.
I think that Braden will have a love of reading like his mommy. Every now and then when he isn't wrapped up in motorcycles, trains, cars and airplanes, I will catch him having quiet time with a book. Thats my boy!! I dream of one day having a reading room in my home with lots of comfy chairs and shelves full of books.

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David and Deena said...

This boy has such a good life, doesn't he!