Saturday, March 12, 2011


First the bad news. In two segments.

There is an explanation for the intense lack of blogging which would make my life appear like 1) busy crazy madness with no time for blogging or 2) something intense going on.... Glad to say it is neither. The explanation though is a tragedy in my life for the time being.

The first problem: I broke my camera before Christmas, and never bother to get pics from my phone to my computer, which brings me to another point.
And the second problem: I currently dont have a computer either. My computer had a broken mouse, and we had only had it for a year. So since it was still under warranty we decided to sell it and get another one. So we dont have a camera or a computer, but are working on both. So good luck to us. For the time being I am grateful for my blessed i-phone, which is conveniently also on the fritz.... sounds like a bit of bad luck. Anyway, I am going to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging. I have done loads of projects and its been a little sad to not be blogging a thing. Especially when my CUUUTE little boy is almost two and nobody's seen any pics of his cute face. So check back in a few weeks and I will probably have blogged a thing or two by then. XOXO!!


kcmhubbard said...

I knew something extraordinary had to have happened for you to not be the Avid blogger we have come to know and love. Love you Ash!

ALi said...

can't wait to see all of your projects and Braden's cute little face.

Sarah Newsom said...

I'm exited to see what you guys have been up to :) good luck with all the gadgets.

Steve and Ash said...

Hey Ashley! I just found your blog! I can't believe your little boy is going to be 2! How are you guys?