Friday, January 7, 2011


What is it about Ketchup that will make a child eat anything? ANYTHING!! If there is something I really want B to eat, I just put some ketchup on it and its instantly gone. I don't understand. Maybe its because I don't love Ketchup. Before Braden came along BBQ sauce was the most used condiment in our home. But thanks to Braden Ketchup is making a comeback. There's something about Ketchup.

Anyway, this post is really about "catch up". I have a million things to blog about. Of course I broke my camera right before Christmas. Sad day. So I have to get a disc of pictures from Christmas off my father in laws camera. So Christmas might be a while. But in the meantime, enjoy some other things that have been waiting around to be blogged about. :)


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

hahha love the Ketchup/Catch up! Can't wait to have you blogging again (I need to get back at it myself!)

Marc and Stacy said...

Seriously, Montana will eat ketchup with a spoon. It's nasty to me- but I agree, there is definitely something about ketchup.
Love you!