Friday, August 27, 2010

Lake Hikes

We love Folsom Lake. In most parts of it, it is not very beautiful and is pretty muddy and nasty, without a boat its kinda lame, but we love it just the same. Especially when we can hike around and enjoy the beauty of the earth. When Lo was here visiting Braden and I chaperoned a hike with her and her pals. We had a great time and Braden loved spending time with all the ladies. We took another trip a few days later for a little skimming and swimming. It didnt turn out the best, we picked a bad spot, but we still had a good time with Braden Raden providing our entertainment.

If Braden didnt sort of know how to swim, I think he would drowned himself out of sheer bravery. This kid has no fear when it comes to the water. Yikes!!

The sis, me, and Boo

Braden enjoyed a little mud bathing after our hike to Avery's pond.


Sarah Newsom said...

How fun! I love your famiy picture on your blog. The cutest little Family. We need to play SOON! but for real this time

kcmhubbard said...

Ashley, you are so gorgeous! I'm pretty sure you're the prettiest mom of all time! I cant believe how big braden is now! He is just so cute, I love all his blonde hair! I'm glad you're all doing so good!

David and Deena said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Love the family picture!

ALi said...

your family picture at the top of your blog is so darling!