Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Haircute!! And yes it was a haircute!!

So haircut #4 happened in the sink. And was it ever a success. And yes I do keep track of the number of haircuts this one has had because I have never heard of a 1 year old already having had this many. Look how dang cute this guy is!! I think he is on the 6 week plan just like the rest of us, although it has already been 9 weeks and its looking shaggy again. Should I just let him grow it out for a while? I think he would look so so darling!


kcmhubbard said...

You should so let it grow out! I mean it wont really affect him either way because he's so dang adorable! Anything you do to him will look good on him! Love you Ashley!

Rachelle said...

What I love is how modest he is with his buda-belly covers his little bum!

Andrea said...

Love the pics! Would you believe that my little Caleb isn't quite 4 months old and has had 4 haircuts and really needs another? Your Braden is adorable! I'm sad we didn't get to meet up when we were both in Idaho.