Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Look at our big boy. Devin is good about taking pictures of Braden when he is sleeping.
Braden was looking so gigantic, oh because he is.

So at Bradens 12month appointment, in addition to getting his wonderful shots, we learned a thing or two. First it was confirmed again, that my kid has a giant head. What?! 97 percentile what?! Shocker right? Second learned my kid is tall?! What? Yeah 33in man. 94 percentile. The dr was kind enough to tell me what that meant in case I wasnt smart enough... -to be read in sweet dr talking to potentially clueless mother- "That means that in a group of 100 children his age, only 6 will be taller than him." Thanks Dr Delmar. True story. I have a huge child. The real shocker though was his weight! How much did I think he weighed? At least 30 lbs!! Maybe 40! But the little peanut weighs a mere 24 lbs. Such a little sweet. Thats the 66 percentile. So while he does have a humongous noggin, and is taller than 93 kids his age, he is barely above average for weight which made me smile to think that he is still in some ways, just a little guy. Love him!!

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David and Deena said...

Don't worry. His Father was the same...only maybe heavier. So cute!