Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Horseshoe Bar Hike

So thank goodness for Eliza!! We finally got out of the house and had an outing, and have plans for many more. We took a quick drive to the top part of Folsom Lake in Loomis, and hiked around a path between Rattlesnake Bar and Horseshoe Bar. The trail was beautiful and we hiked right along the lake for the majority of the trail. We even got to see an old fat man running shirtless with his sweaty dog. Awesome!! Afterwards we had a picnic by the car of strawberries, watermelon, rice cakes, and sandwiches, and changed diapers on the perfectly flat giant rock. It was awesome!! We had so much fun Wellmans! Cant wait for our next trip!!


Jane said...

have i ever commented on you blog? It's been a long time if I have. I can't believe Braden is 1!!!! It's crazy. You are a super fly mom and it looks like things are sunny and well. just wanted to say hi!

Jeff and Eliza said...

Yikes!!! Okay you got me back for the supposed "bad" pictures of you on my blog! That's a scary one! But a FUNNNN day. And I'm making our bucket list as we speak!