Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Carnival

This past weekend I was missing my sissie BAD!! We are 6 years apart and that has been a big gap until now. We get along so well and have such a beautiful time together. She surprised me last Friday with a phone call asking me if she could come over. I cried!! We had such a fun weekend with Lo and Chadder in town. We went to the school carnival, Chad had a spend over as usual, he even watched Braden on Saturday so I could go on a long run! Then off to the lake, Costa Vida and then enjoyed a lovely first Mothers Day. Love my sibs. They rock the hizouse!!

Braden and Pax playing bouncy twister. Right foot RED!

Braden and Pax playing a game of Twister at the Carnival. Right Foot Red!!

One of Bradens stink faces!
Me and my Boys!!
Me and Sissy and my new BFF Johnna! Yeehaw!
Johnna and Lo became friends on accident when Lo was 14 and J was 12. Now that J is 16 and all her friends have moved and gone to college, she and I are going to be besties. We are going to hit up a Celine concert if she wins us tix!! Booyah!
Bradens first time playing in the sand. I am not sure if any made it to his mouth.
Boo got me these lovelies for Mothers Day with his allowance. Such a sweetie pie!! And yeah Braden is whistling in this picture! Ha ha!!


Mari Elizabeth Couture said...

Cute!! Braden is SO adorable!! Happy Morthers Day!

David and Deena said...

These are adorable pictures. Happy Mothers Day. You are doing a great job with that little one (and his Dad).