Monday, August 10, 2009

I Believe in Santa Cruz

This past week Braden and I got to go on a little trip to the beach! It was great. We had a fabulous time, I enjoying the much needed sun, sand, and waves, and Braden enjoying his time in his home-made tent and listening to the relaxing sounds of the sea.
Using the Barney chairs and a boogie board I made Braden some shade. (Naturally as soon as we got there, the beach umbrella went inside out and was completely thrashed.) We all had big plans to shred again, its been a long time, but of course the swells were so flat you really couldnt even boogie board. The weather was pretty cold so the little girls were the only ones brave enough to get in. Sarah was even attacked by a wave and got knocked to the sea floor and had sand everywhere. Her hair was on big sandy mess. It was pretty funny to watch. I on the other hand, steered clear of the water. My feet never even touched the water. When I think about it, as much as I love the ocean, its pretty sad that I didnt take advantage of my time there. But at least I did get some sun for the first time since I had Braden. The beach was complete with two dead seals, a dead bird, one skinny dipper enjoying the ocean, kite surfers, and of course annoying drunkards. We walked down to the Surfing Museum at Lighthouse Point, and watched some kiddies surf at Steamer Lane. In the evening, we headed over to the Boardwalk for some rides. Its been a while since I have been there and I must say that I was unimpressed and so nostalgic for some Disney magic. It was like a permanent county fair. Everything about the Boardwalk made me miss Disneyland; the cleanliness, the music, the noise, the stench, the rides, the people, EVERYTHING!! We were so sad that Daddy couldnt come join in the fun and cant wait to take him to the beach.
Braden looked so dang cute in his fall-time get up! I cant wait to be able to bundle him!!


Alicia said...

awww look a that cute boy!! and i love the makeshift shade area...very creative!

David&Deena said...

Glad you had fun with your family. Let's go to the beach when we far away is it? Love that little California boy (and the big one you're married to, too).