Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here We Go!!

Well friends we are very excited for our first big move as a family. We are heading to Roseville, CA. Yup my hometown. Devin got a job in Granite Bay so we are leaving Rexburg on July 25th for our first big adventure. I must admit that it has been a little bittersweet imagining the things that we are going to be leaving behind here. Contrary to popular belief, I enjoy Rexburg most of the time, just not in the -25 degree weather and when winter lasts until June. While there are things that I don't love about Rexburg, there are other things that I love and that I am really going to miss when we leave. I have already started crying thinking about what we are leaving behind, which isn't saying much since I cry all the time, but still. So here is my tribute to Rexburg/ Idaho. I hope it makes my Rexburg boy proud to be my husband. :)

1. I am really going to miss Michelle. This is one of the things that makes me the most emotional. She has really been my closest friend the entire time they have been here. She has always been there for me and I just think the world of her. Plus Chantel of course. She is so funny. It takes time to get to know her but once you do, you just adore her. She is so great! Love you girls. Oh and Ace, I don't have any pictures of you, but I will miss you too! Who will harass me when I am gone. Certainly not my siblings. We just have a relationship that will be hard to match with anyone else. Ha Ha.
2. I am totally going to miss these kids. We spend just about every day playing with them and it will be sad to not see them anymore. They are so dang funny and they make us laugh all of the time. We love you so much guys.
3. I am going to miss the river. It is so beautiful and you can see it everywhere you go because it just meanders all throughout the state.
4. I am going to miss having the temple right up the street. While we should have gone all of the time since it is within walking distance, it is just so re-assuring to see it from throughout town and to see a reminder of the Lords love for us.
5. I am going to miss all the land. In California, every bit of empty ground gets developed quicker than you can believe. Everytime I go back home there is more being built. Here there are huge farms and fields forever. So many people live on big pieces of land and that is definitely a dream of mine that would never happen in California.
So there are things about Idaho that I will miss, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn't so dang excited to go to California with Devin. I think he is going to love being there and I am so excited for us to live there together. YAY! Well so long Idaho, you are loved.


Heber and Chalonn said...

So long..farewell Idaho!

The Thompson Family said...

Now we have more reasons to come visit my Mission Stompping grounds. Did you know I served in the Roseville CA Mission? 10 years ago!! Congratulations on the move... now who's gonna tell us what Grandpa is up to????

Marc and Stacy said...

SO EXCITED!!! We can see each other more than once a year! :)
Call us when you get settled so we can hang out.
Change can be hard, but at the same time, change is good.
Love you.

David&Deena said...

I want to see Devin's list. I know he'll love California. He's easy long as you're there.