Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It Finally Worked!!

So I have this thing that I do when I am bored. I peruse through loads of blogs in an attempt to re-connect with someone I haven't talked with in ages. It sounds stalkerish, but there is a point. I have been doing this for weeks now. I have happened upon some of the cutest blogs I have ever seen and some really entertaining times, but finally my work paid off! I don't even remeber how it happened, but I found my friend Brynne Nelson, now Brynne Louder, from JR. HIGH in Orem. I have not seen or spoken with her in over 8 years, but through the good world of blogging I found her. We went to elementary school and junior high together, did choir, girl scouts and other nerdy things together. So you see, I am not crazy because I found a friend, and through her found others that I know as well. FUN FUN FUN!!


DJ & Candra Probert said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. And so happy for me that I am not the only one who roams around other blogs.

Tim, Annie, Jack said...

Ashley...saw your blog off amy patterson's(wadman now)... your married! It's fun to see how you are doing... Tim and I moved a month ago and I was packing away that wedding present you made me, it made me think of you and wonder what you have been up to these past few years...now I know..Congrats on new marriage, new house, graduating etc!

Annie (weir) hutchison

The Thompson Family said...

OK too funny - I have tried doing the same thing, and well I haven't had any luck... I just don't have the whole search for a blog thing down and it drives me nuts!!! I am glad it worked for you!!! Love your blogs!!!


Christian and Lisa said...

I totally do the stalking thing on blogs all day long too! I found your blog on Alena's! Its great to see that you are doing so well!

Lisa Niederhauser (Schott)

Justin said...

Hey there!! We just started a family blog, you'll have to come take a look. Happy stalking!! :)

Justin & Erin