Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well here I am at work, and it is too cold outside for anything to go on out there, so I just sit in my office and do whatever I want. It is booooring. So I have been searching for something to do and I have found what it is. It's this. Inspired by Candra. Thank you my love!!
1. Price of Gas Today: I looked it up on the world wide web, but most places are at about $2.99!!
2. Temperature Today: Right now it is 16, but that is certainly the high of the past week. The other day when I got to work it was -22 and it warmed up to only 1!! Incredible.
3. 3 Interesting Things About Our Neighbors: Our renters downstairs are really quiet, but we sometimes hear sudden outbursts from them. Its really random. Our next door neighbor is Devins grandpa and his wife. She is a little watcher in the woods and is always watching us through our enormous, uncovered windows. We finally have started putting up blinds, but she honestly knows what we do every night and morning. Kind of weird sometimes.
4. Famous Restaurants In Your Area: I guess we are only going to be able to talk about Rexburg famouse because there isn't much to choose from. 1) CHIZ'S 2) BIG JUDDS 3) CRAIGOS
5. Number of People On Our Street with Lights Still Up:
I don't think there are any. I try to avoid going out at night because my nose hairs freeze and it hurts because it is so cold, but there may be a few.
6. Top 3 Tourist Attractions Near Us: Yellowstone, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Fort Hall Indian Casino
7. Distance from Our house to Where We Attend Church: about a 1/4 mile and better yet the temple is about a 1/2 mile! If it is ever warm enough we will be so excited to walk!!
8. How Long Have We Lived in the House Where We Currently Reside? We have lived here now for about 7 weeks now!! YAY!!
9. The Team Everyone Roots for in Our City: Boise State
10. Number of Visitors That Could Sleep Comfortably in Our Home if They Were to Visit: maybe 100 if everyone were to bring an air mattress and sleep on the floor, but we only have one other bed, so I guess 2 adults and 3 kids. [We have 2 couches and a LoveSac :)]
11. Distance Between Us and the Next Closest Relative: about a mile
12. Distance Between Us and the Furthest Relative: 2,513 miles; Devins parents live in Guatemala
12. Local Favorite Dessert Place: The Backyard, Mill Hollow, ColdStone
13. Most Exciting Thing at Our House Today: We are having our first dinner guests to eat in our dining room!!
14. Interesting Observations About the People/Culture Where We Live:
Everyone is really friendly, way different than people in California. There are a lot of strange people at Wal-Mart late at night. The other night it was freezing and there was a pregnant girl wearing little shorts. It was crazy. Wal-Mart is a weird place at night! Devin said to me "Some peoples kids!"
Well wasn't that fun?! I had fun! Finally I wasn't bored to death!


DJ & Candra Probert said...

Boise State?!? What about all those intermurals teams?!?

When are you going to invite us over as dinner guests? Think about it for a few days, then get back to me.

Heber and Chalonn said...

loved it Ash...I know what you mean about wal-mart..strangely I have found it to be any walmart attracts weirdos late at night.