Thursday, October 18, 2007

TOP 10 Things of This Month So Far

This month has been crazy so far. A lot has been happening and we have been dreadfully busy.
Top 10 Happenings of October:
1) We are fully settled into our awesome apartment.
2) Devin finished the table from the basement he re-finished. It looks so great.
3) I changed my major and now Dev and I get to both graduate in December!!! YAY!!!
4) We got our grants and scholarships to pay for school and books with a little left over!!
5) We got to go to the Saturday morning session of conference, to Debs mission reunion, and then to Logan for the rest of the weekend with Mom and Dad, Aaron, Michelle and kids.
6) Chantel, Michelle, Devin and I all got haircuts in Logan. Chantel and I chopped ours. So FUN!!
7) We invited friends for pumpkin carving FHE and our friend Aaron accidently slit his wrist open and had to go to the ER and get stitches. It was really awkward.
8) Eric and Chelise are having a boy!! Following the family trend. Which means Candra prepare yourself for a boy. We are excited to have a boy first probably. Someday. Not anytime soon. We are still children people.
9) My grandma is turning in her papers for mission number four and Chad got made a zone leader back in New Jersey.
10) Our fish may be laying eggs soon. We are not exactly sure, but we figure that even if they do, the other fish will eat the eggs. Our fish are all really awkward. Probably because we gave them such strange names.
Well thats it I guess. Obviously nothing that exciting is going on, but we are thrilled with life. Things are so good and we see the hand of the Lord in our lives everyday. He is consistantly pouring out blessings upon us. We love you all. Can we all talk soon?

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