Thursday, October 18, 2007

Family Saturday

Our Lovely Saturday Outing

Chantels New Look:D

Chantel with her Man

This last Saturday I decided that we should go to Mesa Falls. I had never been during the day. Mom tried to get out of it, but we told her we would come help pack and work in the garden. So we spent the early afternoon getting things done at 21 Jerry Lane so that Mom, Dad, and Chantel could come with us to Mesa Falls. We had so much fun just spending the entire day together. We went to the falls and then to dinner and just had a lovely Saturday. Not to mention the weather was awesome!!

Me with
My Boo



Aaron & Michelle said...


You rock! Thanks for posting your pictures. It is so beautiful up there. Michelle and I had our first date at Mesa Falls. Must be something romantically magical about the else would she have fallen in love with me??!!!?? We are so excited to live by you two.

Chelise said...

We wished we lived close by! Opportunities await you in Socal!

Mat, Chenae & Jackson said...

I wish I could hang out with you guys too.