Saturday, February 6, 2010

They're Here

We are so excited to have Devins older sister Chelise and her family here. Devin is working hard to get jobs for all of his siblings here in Sacramento and he started with Eric who will be working at PCI with Dev. We feel so blessed to have them here and we have had so much fun with them already. I have been so giddy just thinking of all of the fun that Chelise and I can have together....oh and I guess the kids can play together too. Braden and Kalem have particularly enjoyed their daily "salon time" where Kalem has been thrilled to help Braden wash and style and Braden has enjoyed the chatting time. Also, notice what a fatso Braden is. He has fatter arms than Kalem who is 2. LoL. I love my little chunkster.


karlena B said...

WHat fun to have cousins together! I'm glad that you are all together with family.

Katie & Brady said...

Oh my heck!! I didn't know they were moving there! How exciting!! I miss them!