Monday, November 9, 2009

The Finger We're Wrapped Around

So my boo is 5 months old. Why does the time go so fast? Oh yeah so I will have another one someday. At least I am convinced that is why. But for the next ten years, before #2 comes along, I will just eat up every minute with this kid! He is so much fun and there is so much that we love about him! I have made a list!

1. His smile! Braden always seems to be smiling, and has started picking up on when we are happy. He has started to pick up on when we are laughing even. And I swear his dimples get bigger as time goes on, probably just because his cheeks get fatter and fatter, but still! Love it!

2. He is super ticklish in the funniest places! One night I was trying to give him a little massage, and as I was rubbing his legs, he started laughing his head off and woke right up! His thighs are mega tickle spots! Not to mention his collar bone. Thats right. My baby has ticklish collar bones. Hilarious! And his armpits!

3. He has b.o. Not kidding. His armpits stink like soccer feet. Its gross but hilarious at the same time. Needless to say, he needs one or two baths a day. Since when do babies have b.o.? He is going to be one stinky boy! Great!!
4. He wakes up happy now. Since he eats more food than any baby I know, his tummy is always full still when he wakes up, even after he has slept all night. He just lays in bed talking until he sees someone and then gets this monster grin on his cute little face. Such a cutie!

5. He can lift one eyebrow and lower the other and it is a face he makes frequently.

6. He is a tank. Its pretty awesome that he is 5 months old and is just about ready to get into a new carseat because we love buying new stuff for him every other day when he grows! Oh wait no we dont! The doctor said his growth should slow down at somepoint, but as far as I can see, some point hasnt come yet. There is a 2 year old in our ward who looks just like what Braden is going to look like. Just gigantic and tall and so so cute! Cant wait!

7. He LOVES Devin. Its fun seeing how Devin has a completely different relationship with him than I do, that Braden recognizes the difference between Dad and Mom.

8. For the past few months he has been eyeing whatever we eat and asking for it with his eyes. I just started feeding him stage 1 baby food, because he wasnt really into rice cereal, and he is the funniest eater ever. He loves it all, after a bite or two, and cant eat fast enough!

9. He has started taking naps. I think it is mostly because he plays now, so he gets tired during the day, but whatever the reason, he takes at least one good nap! Hallelujah!

10. He has discovered his teeth and plays with them with his tongue and lips!

Back to the 80's

Saturday night, our ward hosted a radical 80's dance for all of the adults. It was so much fun! Everyone was totally into it and we partied like it was 1985! There was tons of crazy dancing, a bunch of hilarious costumes, and a ton of crazy fun! Devin even busted out his sexy legs to win the best costume. He probably shouldnt have, but he looked so hilarious! And I loved my dress despite the fact that it was hideous, I considered for a brief moment, putting it in my church clothes rotation. I got dared several times to wear it to church, but we had the primary program the next day, and since I would be sitting on the stand, I opted out. We had a great time and were so exhausted by the time it was over. Its been years since I danced like I did that night. Good clean fun at its finest! Two days later, Devin thinks back on the dance and lets out a good laugh. We loved the 80's!

"Cutest Couple" post dance

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Great Pumpkino

Our friends invited us over for a pumpkin carving FHE which we couldnt have been more excited for. We LOVE carving pumpkins. And turns out so does Braden, or at least he loves watching, and trying to fit his baby pumpkin into his mouth. Our pumpkins turned out really cute, way to go Devin, and we had a great time. I was a slacker mom for forgetting my camera on such a monumental moment in Bradens life, but Ali was nice enough to catch some cute ones! Luckily Braden was the cutest baby there, so what if he was the only baby. He is dang cute no matter how many babies are around! And we have more of our Halloween costumes yet to come, but here is a quick preview thanks again to Ali, from our ward Trunk or Treat. I was a fool and decided to make us all costumes without a pattern. I will do it again I am sure, because I will forget how annoying it was, but in the end, I was happy with our Peter Pan get up and especially with how stinking cute Braden looked as Peter, and with how hot Devin looked in a nightgown. We have already had people ask if they can borrow our outfits next year. AWESOME!

My cousin Dennis, as a thug, Devin as John,
Ashley as Wendy, and Braden as Petah


All the kids once we made it to the falls!
Myles, Cade and Carter
The elementary school kids had some random day off of school, so we packed up and went a hiking! Devin had to work so he missed out, but we had a lot of fun! Dev and I had hiked here last summer on some different trails and were dissapointed when the trails we took got us to nothing but dead grass and lots of dirt. This time, the weather was cool,( a little too cold for Braden, so he ended up wearing Emilys sweatshirt) and we went the right way and ended up at a beautiful waterfall. It took quite a while with all the kids, but they all hiked the entire way by themselves. Emily was a genius and put a movie on the i-phone for Cade and Carter to watch while they walked behind her. Hilarious! Braden loved his first ride in his new backpack and even fell asleep on the way back.

Baking 101

Devin can bake!! Who knew. Certainly not I, but man did I win big with this one. I used to not be able to make anything that involved yeast to save my life, but as my luck would have it, Devin is a regular Bakerella! I have always wanted to be able to make Cinnamon Rolls and with his help, we had our first ever Cinnamon Roll Conference Sunday tradition. It was fantastic and the Cinnamon Rolls were so yummy. I made them twice that week! Yum! Then Devin showed me how to make his moms famous monkey bread, which again was a super success! I cant wait to taste what he will bake us next!!