Wednesday, November 4, 2009


All the kids once we made it to the falls!
Myles, Cade and Carter
The elementary school kids had some random day off of school, so we packed up and went a hiking! Devin had to work so he missed out, but we had a lot of fun! Dev and I had hiked here last summer on some different trails and were dissapointed when the trails we took got us to nothing but dead grass and lots of dirt. This time, the weather was cool,( a little too cold for Braden, so he ended up wearing Emilys sweatshirt) and we went the right way and ended up at a beautiful waterfall. It took quite a while with all the kids, but they all hiked the entire way by themselves. Emily was a genius and put a movie on the i-phone for Cade and Carter to watch while they walked behind her. Hilarious! Braden loved his first ride in his new backpack and even fell asleep on the way back.

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