Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Its All Better

Dont ask me what happened before and how it suddenly was fixed/normal again, but its all better now. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Blogging will resume as usual.


Michelle and Judson said...

Ash, congratulations, I saw the other day your new little one, I had no idea! I'll tell Mary for you, she would love to keep in touch. I hope everything is going well, we are probably moving to San Antonio next month... we'll see:o) I'm excited to get out of Rexburg

David&Deena said...

So glad to see that you are better here. Waiting to see all about your holidays and the 'things for baby'.

Michelle and Judson said...

I'm so embarassed, obviously I can't read. I thought that was fast, but May that is a great time for your baby to come! I talked to Sarah today, she is grateful to have you guys close!