Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hard Hats Required!!!

So the very minute that we moved in, on December 7, we began the demolition of our once hideous interior. The entire house was covered in wallpaper that just had to go in order to make way for textured and painted walls. Then on Dec 10 Devin said to me "Hey we are getting new carpet on Wednesday." Did I mention that it was the week of our finals before we were to graduate on Dec 14? I was not a happy camper. Devin and Aaron were out of control!! What were they thinking doing this to me? They would pay!!

And they did pay!!They had to work really hard to finish the texture on the walls, move all the furniture out of the way, remove all of the nasty old carpet and carpet pad, and get rid of all of the built-in shelves, and flower boxes that we did not want. Michelle and I tried not to laugh too hard as the boys moved the 12 ton hide-a-bed couches out of two of the bedrooms upstairs. I wonder why they left those for us? How nice of them!! They were grunting and groaning like I have never heard. I thought they were both going to die! Throughout the night, I was working on a final project that was due the next day.

But we finally finished at 2:30 in the morning with gray hair and tired boys. Devins Grandpa, and his wife Phyllis, who live next door, never forget to mention when they see our lights on late. They will know our every move!!

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Charlotte and Jared Nelson said...

sooo.. I want to see the finished project! hope work and everything is going well!