Friday, March 13, 2009

March 12: A Day for Celebration

Yesterday began like every other day this week has begun. The alarm rang and I wanted to die. Every muscle in my body was aching so I pushed snooze. Devin has been a sucker for sleeping in because his morning routine is just annoying since his surgery so its easy for me to sleep in too which I am in love with doing. Plus since we cant really cuddle anymore in the morning, it makes getting up that much harder. I took Dev to work, a little later than planned, got a phone call from an honored guest saying that her family would not make it for the weekend due to illness, and then received an unexpected hang up when the little baby started to throw up. Man how I look forward to those days. As if taking care of my practically geriatric husband isnt exciting enough. (Devin had foot surgery and has basically been incapacitated since Friday. He is doing much better though and this morning was the best yet. I am a proud nurse watching my little patient recover.) So needless to say I was at a loss realizing that all of my excitement for Eric, Chelise, and Kalem to visit was so quickly lost. We were going to be receiving our first visitors as a married couple and we were so excited. Anyway, so I rushed home to get ready oh so quickly in order to go right back to Devs work and pick him up for an OB appt. The appointment went well and may day began shooting upward at a rapid rate!! We grabbed some in and out for lunch and I got a grilled cheese. I have been wanting to do it for a while, but I always forget. I did it, and it was delicious. It was basically a meatless hamburger, but with extra cheese. I had never thought to put lettuce, tomato, or spread on a grilled cheese sandwich but it was tasty. Plus we ate it in the backseat in the parking lot of Sunsplash while Devin had his foot propped up on the passenger seat. His new favorite thing to do, sit in the back while I chauffer him around. Its always the small things that make ones day. But man was my day going to get even better. It was starting to get really warm, as it has been for the past week, but today was extra warm. Granted I am pregnant and I am always warm, if not hot. But I decided that today was actually and truly the first day of summer. It was hot!!! I called Lauren and we had a play date. We went to the library, came home put on our suits and headed to the pool, books in tow. It was grand. The tan lines, though faint, are the most beautiful site I have seen on my body this year. Somehow my humongous stomach just doesnt do it for me! :) It was a glorious afternoon despite the ache I am feeling in my tailbone from sitting on that hard chair for too long. Then we got to play GH, we picked up Devin, I made dinner, which I havent done in weeks, we stopped by the local carnival, and even got some Big Spoon. It was the best day of the month so far... maybe even the best day of the year!! So HAPPY SUMMER everyone. It will come to you all soon enough!